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Entertaining Piano Lessons in Pickerington, Ohio

Develop your musical ear with professional piano lessons from 88 Keys Music Studio in Pickerington, Ohio. Our company offers lessons in two parts, one 20-minute session for piano study and 20-minutes of music theory study.

Online Study

We’ve developed an online program that eliminates the need for an actual music theory textbook. Using a special computer program, students log in under their names and study specific lessons. The lessons are designed to be similar to games and tests, making the learning experience fun.

Students then focus on the music theory techniques they learn while practicing at home Since each session is pretty straightforward, students are able to work at their own pace. Since we included the online aspect into our program, other studios have done the same.

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Class Instruction

Our goal is to encourage the student to learn at their own pace as well as gain the confidence to participate in other musical activities, such as the Ohio Federation Junior Music Festival and the Young Musicians Music Festival. These particular festivals benefit our voice and piano students.

Both of these music festivals are adjudicated events where students are judged based on how well they perform. Students are allowed to give feedback to other performers on their performance and teachers receive feedback on how well they taught and prepared the student for the event. 

Musical Activities

We also participate in the Music for Little Mozarts™ program, which is a pre-school program for children ages 3 to 5. This class helps children learn the foundations of music while preparing them for regular piano lessons.

Our weekly program surrounds the piano, but we incorporate other lessons into the class, such as singing and movement. Students are encouraged to color and work in specialized workbooks geared to their age group.

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