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Affordable Voice & Guitar Lessons in Pickerington, Ohio

Sharpen your vocal talents or your guitar playing with voice and guitar lessons from our staff in Pickerington, Ohio. At 88 Keys Music Studio, we provide voice, guitar, and drum lessons for those interested in becoming a performer.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are 30-minute lessons geared at a specific genre selected by the student. Each lesson begins with warm ups, allowing the student to expand their range of high and low sounds. The teacher works with them on proper breathing techniques and projection strategies.

The projection strategies work well when performing as we teach you how to perform with or without a microphone. These simple exercises and techniques improve confidence and boost self-esteem when preparing for competition or performances. Voice lessons are available for all ages, starting at pre-school students. 

Man Playing Guitar - Guitar Lessons

Guitar & Drum Lessons

In addition to voice lessons, we also provide private, 30-minute guitar and drum lessons. For guitar lessons, we offer acoustic, electric, and bass lessons. We begin with proper handling of their instrument and how to replace any broken guitar strings. Our staff works with the student, focusing on their interests and passions.

We teach lessons in various genres including classical and rock. Our guitar lessons cover note reading and chord progression. Using another program called the Rock Academy, we help students form their own bands or join ensembles and duets. The students are also arranged in groups that enhance performance techniques.

Recitals & Performances

Students are able to participate in several events, including a Spring and Holiday recital. Open for all students, we have specified signup days for each recital. The Holiday recital is our informal winter showcase, which takes place in December. The spring recital is a formal recital, which takes place between April and May.

The Junior Music Club meets once a month from September to May. The club is open for school-aged students who want to perform for their peers.

Contact us in Pickerington, Ohio, to request information or learn more about our voice and guitar lessons.