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Instrument lessons for kids and adults.

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Instrument Lessons in Pickerington, Ohio

Music lessons instruments singing at 88 Keys Music Studios in Pickerington

Professional instrument lessons from 88 Keys Music Studio in Pickerington, Ohio. Our company offers professional lessons for various instruments

Kids, Adults and beginners can sign up at 88 Keys Music Studios. Every student will learn through note reading, listening, repetition, and encouragement.

Our teachers guide students through techniques and training methods aimed at making them more skilled musicians.

Instructors are ready to help students gain real skill through private lessons, and live performances.

Through our private lessons, rehearsals, and live performances, students will learn the skills to play their instrument.

88 Keys Music Studios has 2 formal recitals each year and other performance opportunities throughout the year. Our private one to one lessons teach note reading from the very first lesson.

Private flute lessons generally start at age 7 and older, but sometimes younger students will start with a special curved-head flute. Our flute lessons are 30 minute private lessons. Our flute students have the option to perform in our Christmas, Spring and Summer recitals with many also performing in local music festivals Ohio Music Teachers Association (OMEA) solo and ensemble and the Young Musicians Music Festival. We offer a wide range of styles and many students choose to do the Certificate of Merit flute exams.

Saxophone & Clarinet Lessons – Our private saxophone lessons and clarinet lessons start from age 8 and up. Earlier than age 8, a student typically does not have the lung capacity and strength to handle these instruments. Many of our saxophone and clarinet instructors are proficient on both instruments so a student can start with clarinet lessons if they wish and switch to saxophone lessons without having to change instructors. These lessons are 30 minute private lessons.

Contact 88 Keys for times and availability. Our lessons are in a fun and professional setting.

Contact us in Pickerington, Ohio, to request more information about our instrument lessons or discuss the alternate music programs your children are able to participate in. Use the form to the right or call 88 Keys Music Studios (614) 864-3550 we look forward to hearing from you.

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